Monday, June 05, 2006

Jen and Vince #1

The story:
The Break Up was the weekend's box office winner.

Image via Haute Gossip
The combatants:
Haute Gossip says: The Break Up cleans up
A Socialite's Life says: Jennifer Aniston gets a break
Mollygood say: Take a look at Jen now, Brad Pitt, if you can pry yourself away from your crying, drooling, pee bag
Defamer says: Monday morning box office: Jen and Vince end Ratner's reign
Popsugar says: The Break Up scores
US Weekly Online says: The Break Up totally kicks XMen 3's ass
I Don't Like You In That Way says: You probably saw The Break Up

Who said it best:
IDLYITW sees a long career ahead for Jen:
That doesn't mean that Jennifer Aniston is a horrible person, it just means that she's a shitty actress. Not to worry, she'll still find work. She has perky tits and a nice haircut. In Hollywood, that's the equivalent of a Master's Degree and an MCSE.

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