Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Go directly to jail (again)

The story:
Michelle Rodriguez is heading back to jail for 60 days for violating her parole.

Image via Popsugar
The combatants:
Best Week Ever says: Sizzler! Michelle Rodriguez going back to jail
Tabloid Whore says: Michelle Rodriguez heads back to the slammer
US Weekly Online says: Michelle Rodriguez to spend 60 days in jail
Perez Hilton says: Michelle Rodriguez going to jail! Again!!!!
Popsugar says: Karma's a bitch for Michelle Rodriguez
Defamer says: Michelle Rodriguez looking forward to 60 more days of prison 'me time'
Celebrity Hijinx says: Jailbait
I Don't Like You In That Way says: Michelle Rodriguez is back in jail

Who said it best:
Tabloid Whore manages to find a silver lining in Michelle's latest cloud:
Please! Someone make a reality show out of this NOW!
I would totally watch that!



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