Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Ben Affleck near death! (or maybe that's just his career)

The story:
Jennifer Garner rushed Ben Affleck to the ER on Memorial Day as he was suffering from a migraine.

Image via Lainey's Entertainment Update
The combatants:
Lainey's Entertainment Update says: Ben's mysterious malady
Tabloid Whore says: Wow! Ben Affleck gets migraine and is "just like us"
A Socialite's Life says: Ben Affleck's emergency room confusion
Defamer says: Ben Affleck rushed to hospital, emerges merely a director
Hollywood Rag says: Ben Affleck's Memorial Day migraine

Who said it best:
Lainey's smutty senses are tingling on this one...:
Because now I'm wondering whether or not the first time director with an acting career on life support had a bit of an anxiety attack that he thought was a heart attack.
... and Defamer is also on the death watch:
Emergency room physicians in Cambridge were able to treat Ben Affleck's migraine attack yesterday, but despite their best efforts, were apparently unable to resuscitate his acting career.

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