Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Granny says yes to dinner with Firecrotch

The story:
Brandon Davis' grandmother claims that the oily heir had dinner with Lindsay Lohan last week. Lohan's publicist denies it, claiming Linsday is dating several men in Europe.

Image via Celebrity Nation
The combatants:
Celebrity Hijinx says: Brandon Davis likes 'em long
The Superficial says: Brandon Davis' grandma is a dirty liar
Defamer says: Lindsay Lohan cannot be satisfied by a single oil heir
Celebitchy says: Is Brandon Davis making Lindsay Lohan cum freckles?
US Weekly Online says: The Daily Rumor: Is Lindsay Lohan dating Brandon Davis?
CelebNewsWire says: The courting of Firecrotch

Who said it best:
Defamer and The Superficial were both on the same track regarding the denial of this story:
I'm not entirely sure replacing a small rumor she had dinner with some guy by telling everybody she's a whore is a good idea. "My client doesn't have dinner with billionaires! She's far too busy sleeping with multiple foreign men for that kind of nonsense. A slut. A slut she is!" [The Superficial]

The denying of a liaison with a domestic undesirable by asserting her client's sexual availability overseas is a bold gambit, but if any publicist can pull off such a high-level move with grace, it's Sloane Zelnick, perhaps the leading out-of-the-box thinker in the entire field of crisis management. [Defamer]
Way to stir up some Firecrotch granny!



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