Friday, January 26, 2007

No, no just no

The story:
In a story that he must have planted himself as some kind of sick twisted practical joke, George Clooney is reportedly dating Pamela Anderson.

The combatants:
Agent Bedhead says: George Clooney hates his penis
Cele|bitchy says: George Clooney get your cootie shots!
CelebNewsWire says: Does this mean a George Clooney public face-licking is in our future?
Dlisted says: This isn't helping those gay rumors
Faded Youth says: Does George Clooney have a new beard?
Gabsmash says: Pam Anderson is dating George Clooney
The Superficial says: Pamela Anderson and George Clooney might be dating

Who said it best:
Cele|bitchy is looking on the bright side:
The only good thing about this hook-up is that we can be sure it won’t last long.
Image via Agent Bedhead

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Blogger xine said...

Everything ok? I miss your updates! This blog is always so much fun!

3:16 p.m.  
Blogger OldWiseOne said...

Thanks for stopping by xine! I've been busy on another project and blogging has taken a back seat. Looks like Brit-brit might bring me out of retirement though.

10:04 a.m.  
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