Thursday, January 25, 2007

Kfed not even employable in fast food industry

The story:
The National Restaurant Association was insulted by Kfed's depiction of a fast food worker in an upcoming commercial to be aired during the Super Bowl.

The combatants:
Agent Bedhead says: Federline ad angers restaurant industry
A Socialite's Life says: Kevin Federline's Super Bowl ad causing drama
Celebrity Hijinx says: Fast food workers and their dying souls
Defamer says: Fast food industry bristles at suggestion that Kfed is qualified to work drive thru window
Faded Youth says: Kfed disgraces the fast food industry
Mollygood says: Federline vs Fast Food Nation
Starpulse News says: Kevin Federline commercial angers fast food workers

Who said it best:
Defamer thinks the NRA is kicking the Kfed while he's down:
Federline just can't seem to catch a break, however, as his biggest gig since, well, ever, is now under fire from a restaurant association that takes issue with the commercial's implication that a fate of flipping burgers was somehow less desirable than, say, spending your days getting baked in your birthday Lamborghini.



Anonymous CreditNurse said...

On the whole, I can't understand why fast food is allowed and popular in our country. Don't people worry about their health indeed?? I guess it would be nothing mortal, if there wasn't fast food on earth!

3:15 a.m.  

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