Thursday, September 21, 2006

Celebutard Justice

The story:
Paris Hilton played the dumb blonde when questioned by the LAPD about Joe Francis.

The combatants:
Defamer says: Paris Hilton willing to be dumb when it suits her
Dlisted says: Breaking News: Paris Hilton is stupido
CelebNewsWire says: Paris can not tell a lie: she's an idiot
The Superficial says: Paris Hilton admits her stupidity
Popsugar says: Paris knows she is dumb
Faded Youth says: Paris is, like, not that smart
Hollywood Rag says: Paris Hilton can't be this dumb

Who said it best:
Although I'm fairly certain that I am the dumb one for continuing to blog about her, CelebNewsWire managed to make me giggle:
Today in the Shit You Already Knew Department: Paris Hilton says she's, like, not all smart 'n' stuff. Also, sky is blue, water is wet, poop is icky, etc., etc. This concludes the demeaning-to-your-intellect portion of our broadcast.

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