Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dem bones dem bones

The story:
Kate Bosworth's nipple slip was hardly noticed due to her concentration camp physique.

Image via Haute Gossip
The combatants:
Haute Gossip says: Newly single and in need of a dinner date. Hell, she just needs some dinner.
Celebrity Hijinx says: Anorexia chronicles: Kate Bosworth edition
The Superficial says: Kate Bosworth has a nipple slip
Defamer says: Kate Bosworth shriveled teat slip!
I Don't Like You In That Way says: Kate Bosworth slips a nip. And some ribs.
Dlisted says: Kate Bosworth's nipple slip
A Socialite's Life says: An interesting view of Kate Bosworth
Mollygood says: Yeesh watch: Kate Bosworth
CelebNewsWire says: Kate Bosworth slips sternum. Oh, and nip or something
Celebitchy says: Kate Bosworth breast slip
Tabloid Whore says: What the hell? Kate Bosworth and her sunken treasure chest

Who said it best:
While there's nothing funny about the state of Kate's exoskeleton, The Superficial finds a giggle:
And if you find yourself tempted to masturbate to these pictures, just head over to your local cemetary and dig up the real thing. It's erotic and it's classy.

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