Friday, May 19, 2006

Charlie moves perviness online

The story:
Charlie Sheen has been meeting women online, dressing them up as young cheerleaders and them dumping them.

Image via Tabloid Whore
The combatants:
Perez Hilton says: Friday fuzzy feelings with Charlie Sheen
Defamer says: Charlie Sheen's "cheerleader" problems continue
I Don't Like You In That Way says: Charlie Sheen is still kinky
Dlisted says: What the hell is
Tabloid Whore says: Charlie still likes pigtails

Who said it best:
Defamer deconstructs the story behind the story:
Once again, the tabloid press has fallen for the clever tricks of the Charlie Sheen PR machine, which slyly seeks to reinforce the actor's alleged, All-American taste for the company of barely legal (legal being the operative word), spanky-panted pom-pom girls through the gossip column testimony of former enablers of his pigtail fetish.



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