Monday, November 13, 2006

Is this item supposed to be blind?

The story:
Page Six's new blind item seems to point directly at Pixie Mixie Nicole Richie.

The combatants:
CelebNewsWire says: Rhymes with "Mipole Blitchie"
Dlisted says: Did Nicole Richie get gastric bypass?
Haute Gossip says: You guess, I guess
I Don't Like You In That Way says: Nicole Richie is an easy guess
Mollygood says: Total mystery you'll never guess who item
Tabloid Whore says: Gastric bypass?
The Superficial says: Nicole Richie may have had gastric bypass surgery

Who said it best:
CelebNewsWire is as stumped as the rest of us:
Damn you, New York Post! Why must you be so vague? Why couldn't you add some specific details so we could figure out this inpenetrable riddle?
Image via Mollygood

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