Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Jake's jiggly Gyllen-bits

The story:
Recent photos of Jake Gyllenhaal were rather revealing in the pants area.

The combatants:
The Superficial says: Jake Gyllenhaal shows off his penis
A Socialite's Life says: Jake Gyllenhaal's anatomy
Mollygood says: Jake Gyllenh...All the boys on display
Dlisted says: Panty creamer of the day: Jake Gyllenhaal
Towleroad says: Jake Gyllenhaal sets it free
City Rag says: Jake Gyllenhaal goes commando

Who said it best:
City Rag shows some sympathy:
Poor little Jake Gyllenhaal. Despite tricky manuevers, he can't make a move these days without a mob of photogs taking close-up shots, followed by careful scrutiny from his fans. These recent candids of him walking in NYC's West Village take it to new level and show Jake likes a little wiggle in his walk...

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