Friday, October 20, 2006

Someone's gay and someone's fired

The story:
TR Knight announces that he is gay and Isiah Washington might be canned for outing him.

The combatants:
Defamer says: Grey's Anatomy choke-gate drives tv doctor from closet
Popsugar says: Will Dr Burke get kicked off Grey's?
A Socialite's Life says: By George, Grey's Anatomy actor TR Knight confirms he's gay
Tabloid Whore says: Sorry ladies, TR Knight likes the boys
Pen15 Club says: Who knew TR stood for Top Reciprocating?
Celebitchy says: Nasty gay slur behing Gray's on-set fight
Dlisted says: I'm not sure who TR Knight is, but he's come out
I Don't Like You In That Way says: Grey's Anatomy gets gay

Who said it best:
Pen15 Club wonders about the possible domino effect of Knight's admission:
We wish Knight the best, and we hope his courage inspires others in his situation - *cough* Neil Patrick *cough* Harris - to follow suit.
Image via Tabloid Whore



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