Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sean Preston still alive - despite Brit's best efforts

The story:
Britney Spears was spotted driving her convertible with SP strapped into an inappropriate carseat in the back (well at least he's in a carseat this time!).

Image via Dlisted
The combatants:
Dlisted says: Where's the save SPF t-shirts?
A Socialite's Life says: Britney Spears carseat snafu
Haute Gossip says: Hey Britney you forgot something!
Perez Hilton says: Rollin' with my rollers
I Don't Like You In That Way says: Britney would do anything to protect him, Part 3
Best Week Ever says: Britney's latest attempt to destroy baby
Defamer says: Britney Spears takes baby steps towards fit motherhood
Celebrity Hijinx says: Oops, she did it again
The Superficial says: Britney Spears still trying to kill her baby

Who said it best:
Poor Britney! Her superior parenting skills really bring out the gossip funny. Dlisted has a reality tv career mapped out for him...
SPF is ready for some shit! He's been dropped on the head several times, suffered whiplash and heat stroke. He's ready for Fear Factor!
...while Haute Gossip gets inside Brit's thought process:
I don't think driving around in a convertible is the safest thing for a baby. Guess it doesn't matter much. SPF looks unconscious already anyway



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