Thursday, May 04, 2006

Don't pick on the toothpick

The story:
Nicole Richie discusses her "weight problems" in the latest issue of Vanity Fair.

Image via Dlisted
The combatants:
The Superficial says: Nicole Richie thinks she's too thin
Defamer says: With Vanity Fair's help, Nicole Richie ready to solve weight loss mystery
Popsugar says: Nicole admits she's too skinny
US Weekly Online says: Nicole Richie tells Vanity Fair, "I'm too thin"
Dlisted says: Nicole Richie's doctor can't lie for her ass anymore!
A Socialite's Life says: The Skinny on Nicole Richie

Who said it best:
I love Defamer's headline, and this comment:
Richie eats and eats--burritos, "salty cheese-and-grease kind of stuff," entire tubs of lard, whatever--and still her ribs persist in their attempt to escape from their fleshy jail and make a mad break for daylight.
But the win goes to Dlisted, because I think this is really what it comes down to:
Bitch stop lying, we know you don't eat shit! The only thing this chick eats is laxatives and Dexatrim.

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