Friday, May 12, 2006

Her nose is as real as her singing

The story:
Ashlee Simpson had a nose job - or did she?

Image via The Superficial
The combatants:
Popsugar says: Ashlee's new nose
Tabloid Whore says: It's Jessica, no it's Ashlee, no Jessica, no it's Ashlee
Dlisted says: Ashlee Simpson's maybe means yes
US Weekly Online says: Ashlee Simpson not really sure if she got a nose job
The Superficial says: Ashlee Simpson is a liar
Perez Hilton says: Introducing Asslee Simpson's new nose

Who said it best:
Although Popsugar called the denial in their May 3 story, The Superficial fills Ashlee in on why her reflux won't be able to explain this one away:
Somebody should explain to Ashlee about the magic of photography.

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