Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Future housewife seriously desperate for attention

Image via Dlisted
The story:
Eva Longoria might be marrying Tony Parker, she's tired of the media focussing on her sex life, and she says she's not as dumb as we think.

The combatants:
US Weekly Online says: Woman from Giant Desert Bikini Photo Spread Wants You to Take Her Seriously
Dlisted says: Eva LongWHORIA wants us to shut up!
Perez Hilton says: No longer LongHOria?
Defamer says: Eva Longoria much smarter than anyone gives her credit for
Lainey Gossip says: Eva Longoria: would this bitch shut up???

Who said it best:
Lainey tells it like it is:
"And now that she's getting a little taste of film life, all of a sudden she's reinventing her vampy image, claiming she doesn’t understand why she's always asked about her sexual proclivities, blaming 'media spin' for turning her into a perceived horny snatch.

So now she's a 'serious' actress with something to prove? Bitch, shut the f&ck up."



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