Sunday, April 09, 2006

Parasite's album won't make you puke

Photo via IDLYITW

The story:
Paris Hilton is releasing an album.

The combatants:
The Bosh says: Meet Paris Hilton - the delusional pop star
Defamer says: Paris Hilton cd may not be as bad as we want it to be
More Conversations About Famous People says: Mother Paris is burning

Who said it best:
Love The Bosh's headline, and storywise it's a draw between MCAFP
"Paris Hilton is ready to release a little something. Not a horde of crabs set free from her thong but an album that’s been in the works for three years."
and Defamer
"If the beat is catchy enough, maybe we won't have to tear out our ears the first time we hear "Stavros on the Bottom (Herpes Club Remix)" blasting out of a Bentley parked outside Privilege."
Perhaps Paris is just too easy a target - the jokes just write themselves.



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