Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Rachel Wiesz says "bottoms up"

The story:
Rachel Wiesz says it's ok to drink a little red wine when you're pregnant.

The combatants:
A Socialite's Life says: Rachel Weisz causes uproar over pregnant drinking statement
Celebitchy says: Rachel Weisz says its ok to drink while you're preggers
Dlisted says: Medical hoes are mad at Rachel Weisz
The Superficial says: Rachel Weisz is not a medical expert

Who said it best:
The Superficial knows that Rachel isn't 100% off target here:
If you read the entire article there's a bunch of expert opinions saying she's incredibly wrong, but long story short: alcohol and babies don't mix. Unless it's at a fancy party and they're dressed in tuxedos. Then a glass of champagne and a cigar are encouraged. I mean, little babies playing grown up? That's just adorable.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rachel only said a glass of wine, not a bottle of vodka. Pregnant women do drink wine on occasion.

The whole thing is being blown way way way out of proportion.

11:09 p.m.  

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