Monday, October 09, 2006

Kfed gets Pop-a-zao-d!

The story:
Kevin Federline does a guest spot on CSI and takes a shot to the gut.

Image via Tabloid Whore

The combatants:
The Superficial says: Kevin Federline makes his acting debut
A Socialite's Life says: TV in the morning: Kevin Federline on CSI
Tabloid Whore says: Watch Kevin Federline on CSI
Mollygood says: Weekend moving picture: Kfed on the TV
Defamer says: Kfed's acting career off to an auspicious start
Dlisted says: And the emmy goes to...
Celebrity Hijinx says: Kfed's typecast for the $5 role

Who said it best:
A Socialite's Life would like to see more of Kfed on the small screen:

The scene moved me to tears people. Would anyone else like to recreate that for us?



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