Sunday, October 08, 2006

Fugly baby on the way

The story:
Tori Spelling is pregnant.

Image via Tabloid Whore

The combatants:
Defamer says: Tori Spelling's current glow not brought to you by mystic tan
Tabloid Whore says: Yeah, yeah, Tori Spelling officially knocked up
Lainey Gossip says: Kfed Jr, miracle worker
CelebNewsWire says: Tori Spelling prego-210
Babelogs says: There's a bun in Tori Spelling's oven
I Don't Like You In That Way says: Tori Spelling is pregnant

Who said it best:
Babelogs has the child's best interests at heart:

Let’s hope Tori Spelling is a better mother than she is an actress.

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