Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Bend over like (Victoria) Beckham

The story:
Victoria Beckham is wearing her hair short because her extensions kept falling out during sex with uber-hot hubby David.

The combatants:
A Socialite's Life says: The reason behind Victoria Beckham's hair loss
CelebNewsWire says: Victoria Beckham loses hair sextensions
Celebrity Hijinx says: Posh hates it hairy
Dlisted says: She has sex?
Haute Gossip says: Posh likes it rough
Lainey Gossip says: Posh and Becks: hot sex causes alopecia?
Mollygood says: Nothing kills the mood like fake hair in the bed
Popsugar says: Posh's bob reason revealed

Who said it best:
CelebNewsWire has the most descriptive recappage of why Posh changed her hairstyle:
Some speculated that it was a way to balance out her terrible, terrible boobs, some said she wanted to spark a new trend, but the truth of the matter is that the penile ministrations of husband David Beckham were hearty enough to cause her extensions to fall out. In essence, he f&cked her weave off.
Image via Dlisted

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