Tuesday, October 31, 2006

007 or maybe even 8 or 9

The story:
Judi Dench claims her Casino Royale co-star is packing a weapon.

The combatants:
Defamer says: 007 emasculation watch: Judy Densch adds 'size queen' to her royal acting resume
CelebNewsWire says: Daniel Craig: The new John Holmes
Celebitchy says: Judi Densch says that Daniel Craig's pen1s is an absolute monster. Ow!
Reality Rant says: Pen1s Royale

Who said it best:
I think Celebitchy will definitely be at the theatre opening night:
When I read that all I could picture was the final scene in “Boogie Nights,” and I got a little woozy thinking about the possibilities for “Casino Royale.”



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