Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Nice 'n' Easy, that's her style

The story:
Larry Birkhead claims Anna Nicole Smith dyed her baby's hair to make Dannielynne look more like Howard K. Stern.

The combatants:
CelebNewsWire says: She's saving the boob job for Dannielynne's second birthday
Celebrity Warship says: Did Anna Nicole Smith dye her baby's hair?
Celebrity Hijinx says: Hair scare
Defamer says: Anna Nicole Smith accused of subjecting infant to home hair-coloring products
The Superficial says: Anna Nicole Smith's life still going strong
Tabloid Whore says: Lawyer accuses Anna Nicole Smith of trying to trick up baby daddy with dark hair dye

Who said it best:
Celebrity Hijinx can't believe that Birkhead would even bother making this accusation:
Can I just say that I have never seen some loser try SO HARD to be the father of some other loser's child -- and that's impressive since I watch WAY too much daytime TV.



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