Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Given the chance I'll bet you would too

The story:
Ellen Barkin announced that she had sex with George Clooney.

The combatants:
Haute Gossip says: Yes Barkin's f&cked Clooney
Defamer says: The first rule of George Clooney fuck club is you never talk about George Clooney fuck club
A Socialite's Life says: Ladies love George Clooney
CelebNewsWire says: CNW Junk Drawer: "Yes, I have f_cked George Clooney
Hollywood Rag says: Ellen Barkin bleeped George Clooney

Who said it best:
While Defamer definitely has the best headline, CelebNewsWire's cynicism turns gossip into so what:
Ellen Barkin would like you to know that she has fucked George Clooney. Big deal. Join the club.

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