Thursday, October 12, 2006

Madonna adopts. No really, we mean it this time. Sort of.

The story:
Madonna and Guy Ritchie have been granted an interim adoption order for a 1 year old boy named David.

The combatants:
Celebrity Hijinx says: Will Madonna make up her mind?
The Superficial says: Madonna officially on the road to adoption
Defamer says: Madonna's adoption-denying publicist currently drafting vaguely worded denial of denial
Tabloid Whore says: Madonna or Angelina?
Celebitchy says: Madonna has filed to adopt Malawian boy amid controversy
Showbuzz says: Madonna and Guy adopt boy from Malawi
Dlisted says: Madonna's new purchase will live here

Who said it best:
Tabloid Whore would like you to put some serious thought into this story:
Now for the more important question. Even though both choices are good, if you were an orphan, who would you rather have adopt you...Madonna or Angelina Jolie
and why?

Image via Celebrity Hijinx



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