Tuesday, October 17, 2006

England gets another immigrant

The story:
Madonna's newly adopted baby arrives in England from Malawi.

The combatants:
Defamer says: Madonna's African coup nears completion
Popsugar says: Madonna adoption, part 308
A Socialite's Life says: Madonna buys baby
Best Week Ever says: Kiss my black orphaned ass you old whore
Celebitchy says: Madonna breaks a man's heart
Dlisted says: Move over Zahara, there's a new African baby in town
Tabloid Whore says: Meet Madonna and Guy's new little man
Hollywood Rag says: Here's Madonna's boy

Who said it best:
Is there more to this story than just adoption? Defamer thinks so:
His arrival brings the makeshift British matron's African impulse-shopping spree to a close, having yielded her a children's charity, a high-court grant for a temporary adoption, and, presumably, an inside track to usurping the country's highest seat of power; once she's rechristened the country Madgelawi and turned "Justify My Love" into its national anthem, she can finally rest knowing that Angelina Jolie is weeping into her pillow about just not having tried hard enough.
Image via Hollywood Rag



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