Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Diddy really have Lindsay thrown out?

The story:
P Puffy Diddy Daddy had his security people remove Lindsay Lohan from the VIP section of club Butter because she was being loud, obnoxious and not sharing her table with him.

Images via US Weekly Online
The combatants:
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Dlisted says: Blohan vs Parasite, round 3 or 4
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The Superficial says: Lindsay Lohan gets kicked out of Butter
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Lainey Gossip says: The Firecrotch vs. The Free World

Who said it best:
Mollygood shows good instincts in picking a winner:
In a cagematch to the death, I might have to give this one to Lohan over the Diddy. She's had some intense club/bathroom line-based tussle training recently and it's probably been a while since the Dids has had to fight a 90 lb chick.

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