Monday, June 19, 2006

Britney does Dateline, the aftermath

The story:
Dateline producers were surprised when they arrived to find Britney Spears did not have a publicist or stylist present for her interview with Matt Lauer.

Image via Dlisted
The combatants:
Celebrity Hijinx says: So many wrongs
The Superficial says: Britney Spears really needs the help
Defamer says: Britney Spears gives PR team the wrong day off
I Don't Like You In That Way says: Britney Spears needs help
Dlisted says: Britney needs help
A Socialite's Life says: Britney Spears had no handlers for 'Dateline' interview
Mollygood says: Britney Spears was somehow allowed to dress herself, speak unscripted

Who said it best:
Celebrity Hijinx has some sage advice for Brit:
She really needs to stop visiting the church of Sean Preston and go back to Kabbalah. I know it might be hard to afford both Kevin Federline and Kabbalah, but I really do believe the red string warded off the Evil Eye and enough of the honky that she didn't always literally look like a Beverly Hillbilly.



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