Saturday, December 02, 2006


The story:
Kfed may be getting his own reality show.

The combatants:
Celebitchy says: Kfed is trying to get a reality show
Defamer says: Kevin Federline's hamburger flipping adventures to be subject of new reality series
Dlisted says: House of Kfed?
Faded Youth says: House of kfed
Glitterarit Gossip says: Kfed gets his own reality show
US Magazine Online says: Kevin Federline to do reality tv show

Who said it best:
Defamer can see how the show might be a positive for Kfed:
As Britney Spears continues on her gum smacking, vagina-flashing, Jager-Bomb-slamming party exploits with "Auntie Paris" (as her children have been explicitly instructed to now refer to the new blonde lady in their lives who keeps ashing into their plastic Cheerios containers), suddenly Kevin Federline comes off looking not so bad.

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