Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Jessucka blows at Kennedy Center

The story:
Jessica Simpson screwed up the words to "9 to 5" during a Dolly Parton tribute at the Kennedy Center and fled the stage.

The combatants:
A Socialite's Life says: Jessica Simpson experiences some difficulty while trying to honor Dolly Parton
Best Week Ever says: Fake liveblogging the Jessica Simpson breakdown!
Celebitchy says: Jessica Simpson chokes up during awards performance
Dlisted says: Jessica Simpson can't do anything right
Egotastic says: Jessica Simpson pulls an Ashlee Simpson
Faded Youth says: Jessica's flub
I Don't Like You In That Way says: Jessica Simpson runs off crying
I'm Not Obsessed says: Jessica Simpson messes up on Dolly Parton tribute and cries her way offstage
Mollygood says: Jessica Simpson moved to tears by the plight of the 9-5 worker
Popsugar says: Jessica in tears at Kennedy Center tribute
The Superficial says: Jessica Simpson freaks out on stage
Tabloid Whore says: Oopsie. Jessica Simpson screws up tribute to Dolly Parton
What Would Tyler Durden Do says: Jessica Simpson can't sing

Who said it best:
Will the Simpson family circle the wagons around Jessica in her time of need? Egotastic isn't so sure:
At least Ashlee can finally say that Jessica is copying her. I bet Ashlee is loving this. I know I am.



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