Thursday, November 02, 2006

Abusing the elderly

The story:
Patrick Dempsey's former wife accused him of abuse during their divorce, but has since retracted those statements.

The combatants:
A Socialite's Life says: Was McDreamy a McMeany?
CelebNewsWire says: CNW Junk Drawer: like women everywhere
Dlisted says: Dr McBeatdown?
Popsugar says: Is Patrick Dempsey really such a brawler?
Tabloid Whore says: Patrick Dempsey once accused of abuse by elderly ex-wife

Who said it best:
CelebNewsWire is certain that the alleged incident can be put down to artistic temperment:

Can you really blame Dempsey for feeling violent when he spent day in and day out in character as a brutal, sexist killer with a hair-trigger temper. Wait, what? Can't Buy Me Love was about a mild-mannered nerd on a riding lawnmower? Oh.

Image via Dlisted

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