Friday, October 27, 2006

Butt muncher

The story:
Brad Pitt entertained his Babel co-stars between takes by giving himself a wedgie and walking like a duck.

The combatants:
Defamer says: Cate Blanchett graciously feigns hysterics at Brad Pitt Babel set antics
Popsugar says: Brad Pitt cracks up his co-stars
I'm Not Obsessed says: Brad Pitt has a case of hungry bum
A Socialite's Life says: Male camel toe
The Superficial says: Brad Pitt pranks himself
Hollywood Rag says: Brad Pitt has a hungry butt
Dlisted says: Brad Pitt's hungry butt

Who said it best:
Defamer relays Angelina's reaction to Pitt's antics:
Less amused than Blanchett at Pitt's high-waisted antics was Angelina Jolie, who, upon being introduced to Pitt's "Hungry Bum" for the first time, sat stone-faced for several moments before delivering an earnest and impassioned lecture on how the two of them should be spending less time clowning around, and more time starting a foundation to help ensure no other bums go hungry ever again.

Image via Dlisted

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