Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Nice day for a white trash wedding

The story:
Kate Moss and Pete Doherty got *married* in a Buddhist ceremony in Thailand, which may or may not be legally binding.

The combatants:
Agent Bedhead says: Do you, Kate Moss, take this junkie?
A Socialite's Life says: Kate and Pete fake married?
Best Week Ever says: Kate and Pete decide, "Phuket, let's get married!"
Celebitchy says: Kate Moss and Pete Doherty didn't get married - or did they?
Dlisted says: Let's hope homegirl got a prenup
Gawker says: Pete Doherty faux-marries Kate Moss
Hollywood Rag says: Kate Moss and Pete Doherty secretly married
Mollygood says: So...that wedding happened
Popsugar says: Kate and Pete get married
What Would Tyler Durden Do says: Mr and Mrs Pete Doherty
Yeeeah says: Kate and Pete tie the noose

Who said it best:
What Would Tyler Durden Do is in love with love:
It's kinda touching to see two drug addicted social deviants find love. It's like a fairytale, except instead of white horses and a carriage, Kate will go on her honeymoon hearing voices and yelling at demons, then wake up in a bathtub covered in someone elses blood. She's like a princess!
Image via A Socialite's Life

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