Friday, November 17, 2006

Heidi's Stud Farm

The story:
Heidi Fleiss has hired Mike Tyson to be the main attraction at her Nevada brothel for women.

The combatants:
Agent Bedhead says: You sexy beast
A Socialite's Life says: Want to f**k Mike Tyson?
Celebitchy says: Mike Tyson to be a male prostitute for Heidi Fleiss
Celebrity Hijinx says: Why pay when he'll rape you for free?
Dlisted says: Oh sick! Mike Tyson's gonna be a hooker!
Tabloid Whore says: Heidi Fleiss gives Mike Tyson a job at the stud farm

Who said it best:
Dlisted thinks there may be a niche market for Tyson out there:
Ok if you’re into a rape fantasies or getting banged by Mickey Mouse then this could work for you.

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