Wednesday, April 26, 2006

He said, she said...and then we said "Who Cares?"

The story:
Paula Abdul and Ryan Seacrest are feuding - or are they?

Image via Glitterati Gossip
The combatants:
Glitterati Gossip says: Ryan Seacrest and Paula Abdul duke it out for diva status
Perez Hilton says: War of the Roses
Defamer says: Paula Abdul and Ryan Seacrest join America in hating each others guts
US Weekly Online says: Seacrest denies feud with Paula
Dlisted says: I've been living under a rock

Who said it best:
If you're not sure who to believe in this feud / not a feud, Defamer sums it up best:
And while we're sure much of the show's name-calling and gay-baiting is all in good fun, in this instance, we tend to buy Seacrest's version of events--our reasoning being that the host would never distance himself from a heterosexual woman in the pages of a celebrity glossy unless it was absolutely necessary.

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