Thursday, December 07, 2006

But the key is you have to put the underwear on...

The story:
Britney Spears posted a message on her website attempting to explain recent behaviour.

The combatants:
A Socialite's Life says: Britney speaks
Best Week Ever says: Britney Spears vagina jokes officially dead
Celebitchy says: Britney Spears in half-assed attempt to mend her image
CelebNewsWire says: Britney flaps her lips - this time, via written word
Celebrity Hijinx says: Questionable Quotes: B.S.
Defamer says: Britney Spears to rediscover joys of family, temperance, panties
Dlisted says: Britney speaks!
Faded Youth says: Britney Spears, confessions of a party girl
Haute Gossip says: A message from Britney
Hollywood Rag says: A message from Britney Spears
I'm Not Obsessed says: Britney Spears addresses her fans on her website
Lainey Gossip says: Britney's perfect defense
Mollygood says: Britney never expected us to care so much about seeing her naughty place
Popsugar says: Britney's new message
Seriously? OMG! WTF?! says: Britney Spears sends a message to her fans via her site!
The Superficial says: Britney Spears talks about her behavior
Tabloid Whore says: And now, a word from Britney Spears...
What Would Tyler Durden Do says: Britney is just having fun y'all

Who said it best:
CelebNewsWire doesn't think much of the *apology*:
What we take issue with is Britney's claim that she hasn't been able to have fun or party for the past two years. And this is because . . . why? She hasn't been busy working. Or learning how to use a car seat. Or perfecting the art of personal grooming. Maybe cleaning skid marks out of Federline undies really tires a girl out (not to mention makes her recoil at the mere site of undergarments).
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